Thursday, August 12, 2010


On the sides of the River which you see in many of these posts, are some beautiful and Mysterious rock formations.  Surrounded by hardwood trees, and on one side by many "lucky leaves" bushes (mountain laurels) they are challenging to access as the slope is very steep.  Within these formations are some very beautiful (although not very deep) cave formations.  We seek out these "caves" for Spiritual Purposes, and to gather soils and other ingredients from them again for Spiritual Purposes.  The Spirit within these places is very strong, and constantly we sense the Indigenous Spirit of this place.  It is clear that this particular area along the banks of the River has been in the past (and in the present) a space that attracts Indigenous People!  Undoubtedly many Invocations and Ceremonies took place here in the past, and we know that in the present we utilize the space to also make Invocations and Cleansings!  

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