Monday, December 13, 2010


Preparing for Ebo with Mbambo-Kulusu, now that the leaves have fallen from the trees, we can see Kongo Land from a distance.  The cluster of huts on the left is the primary Munansos.
In the foreground our grill is heating water, the hut visible on the left is the Munanso where we do ebo with Mbambo Kulusu.  The central tree is right next to it.

Looking inside the Munanso, various Nkisi are visible along with the offerings.

A close up of the Nkisis.  Below the full offering is down, with many fruits, roots and sugar cane.  

We do this every year and it is an aspect of our preparations for closing out the year and preparing for a new year.  To us, the year ends and begins at the winter solstice, which corresponds with the movements of the Sun, rather than any societal or religious significance.  Although it is not as simple as just this, as Taino cycles also recognize a new year beginning with the Spring Rains and planting (closer to Spring Equinox).  Absolutely we know that the 'shortest' day of the year holds particular significance and is a marking point that is very obvious to most observers.  The quality of the Sun's rays shift at this point as the energies of moving into the Spiritual Darkness (that Darkness of the Cosmic Womb) shift to energies of moving into Spiritual Brightness.  These are important shifts that do impact what we do and when we put certain plans into action.  It is much easier to acknowledge and move within natural cycles rather than attempt to move contrary to the cycles.  We are grateful for the Ancestors and Misterios that continue to guide us to greater wisdom, understanding and abundance.  We are also especially grateful to the Ancestors for exposing and guiding us to turn our backs on the empty behaviors of spiritual "enactments", those things that are called "ceremony" but which completely lack Spirit, those things that have diluted our spiritual traditions for too long!

Simba Simbi

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