Wednesday, March 30, 2011


For those who look at the many serious calamities that are now occurring upon our Mother Earth, with eyes unblinded by denial, agendas, or confusion, there is no other word to utilize to describe what is occurring: Ndoki Malo.  As we continue to watch with horror, anger, and profound concern the losing struggle to contain the Fukushima nuclear disaster, we witness an Ndoki who has gotten completely out of the control of its "handlers".  Something has been 'created' that cannot be contained.  Not even the most powerful 121,000 brujos (witchdoctors) could bring this under control.  It is a horrific case of an Ndoki running wild and ultimately ingesting those that created it. 

Radioactive materials have, since beyond Ancient Times, been contained by our Mother Earth, and at a certain point Mother Earth's climates, weather patterns and the delicate balance of many Spirits (elements) allowed plants, animals and humans to thrive.  This delicate balance of Spirits allowed a continual renewal to occur upon Mother Earth's surface as generation followed generation.  Although humans did come to mine out iron, copper and other valuable metals and minerals, which in turn came to be abused, misused and became environmental hazards to all plants, animals and people, this went to a totally different level when a small number of extremely psychopathic and arrogant individuals removed deadly radioactive substances from the internal organs of Mother Earth, had the short sighted greed to refine them and utilize them to destroy other human beings and ecosystems, as well as to generate vast amounts of energy that just contributed to speeding up the ability of people to develop more pollution and toxicity.  This was termed "progression", however at a cost to all the Earth and her many people (plants, animals and humans).  The removal of these extremely powerful Spirits (Uranium, Plutonium, etc) from Mother Earth, by people who were and continue to be ignorant of higher Spiritual Principles, led to the releasing of an Ndoki Malo upon the Earth, as never seen before by any of us.  

As Brujos understand, Ndoki Malo is not easily controlled and will, eventually  consume the one who released it, but sometimes not before consuming innocent family members first.  With this understanding and principle in mind, we must look honestly at this nuclear catastrophy and the Spiritual implications as well as the accumulating health implications.  The desire for power over superseded common sense and natural senses of self-preservation, and this desire, greed and arrogance continues unchecked in spite of all evidence  that this obsession with power over will lead to total annihilation, not only of those culpable for the many abuses of power over but for all those innocent people who are powerless at the whim of these maniacs.  There is nothing "natural" about this disaster, and nothing "natural" about consciously removing these highly destructive elements from the depths of Mother Earth and thinking that they will ultimately be controlled.  

Although this arrogance believes that it "creates and destroys" in fact it is only Misterio that creates and destroys, and this is a case where a Spirit has been released that is not stoppable, not controllable and its self-designated "handlers" cannot even tell themselves the horrible truth about what has occurred.   They continue to attempt to contain water in a basket, the water now being the ocean water, the basket being a broken nuclear power plant, whose ultimate meltdown is occurring and was obviously going to occur from the first viewing of the exploded power plant.  Broken walls cannot possibly contain water.

Odu speaks of the chirp of the death beetle who sounds its chirp when death is near.  When we think back to just last year we saw the rupturing of one of Mother Earth's blood vessels, and unimaginable gallons spilling into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico day after day, week after week and even month after month.  Chemicals were sprayed into the Gulf which effectively made the oil invisible, and unfortunately it seems these days, what is out of sight, is out of mind.   The effective chirping of the death beetle was silenced, ignored and business continued as usual.  Less than a year later, another disaster associated with the ABUSE OF POWER, or POWER OVER and with the OCEAN, has occurred and this time the death beetle chirped again, loudly, and for those of us who live at a distance from this death zone, this death beetle's chirping has alerted us to prepare for what may well escalate to a worse case scenario of nuclear fallout in our wind, rains, soils, plants, animals, children, elders, and ourselves for decades, centuries even, to come.  For those who live in close proximity there was no warning as Kalunga came ashore, powered by the shaking of Tiembla Tierra within her depths.  She came ashore with an evident rage, destroying, with her face of fury, with her energy of destruction, reminding us all that she is more powerful than us, and she broke the man made structure that was containing this Ndoki, and out that Ndoki is spewing, pooling and puddling, leaking and gassing out, already spreading globally.

In our divination about this disaster, several important points have come forth.

Those that perpetrated this crime against humanity (past and present) are operating under a false sense of superiority, entitlement, and authority which, Spiritually they completely lack.  They are operating "without licensia" and attempting to "play god and king", wrapped up in an ultra-hatred for Nsambi (Great Mystery).  

In a sense it is an entrapment created by those who appointed themselves writers of laws (rules and regulations).  The regulators of this industry in particular have created a trap that now entraps us all, including them.  It is irrelevant what weapons they possess, because in this situation those weapons are useless.  These people made themselves the "authority (king)" without the spiritual recognition of Nsambia and the Mpungos.  These are the same people with the same consciousness who massacred the true authorities upon the Earth (Indigenous Traditions and Indigenous Ancestors).  These self-appointed rulers, authorities, regulators, (psychopaths) have, without a doubt, a massive spiritual void within themselves which is slowly consuming them like a cancer and has been for thousands of years.

The Misterio who lives at the very depths of the Ocean is who has  awakened at this time and has triggered this disaster, this is a Misterio known only to the Misterios of Life itself, but we know that it does not tolerate arrogance, especially the arrogance that pretends to be more powerful than Earth and her Cosmic Womb and the Mpungos of Creation themselves!  

The  spiritual void of these "few" and an obsessive greed to fill this void with power over, is robbing the Earth of clean, healthy food, clean water, and most importantly of the natural blessings that are upon her.  It is important to remember that the nuclear disaster is a culmination of many abusive behaviors from the creation of GMOs in the food supply, factory farming, industrial waste thrown into soil, rivers, air, and ocean, weapons of mass pollution, mining, and so much more.  We cannot see it in isolation from everything else, and we must see its spewing as the ramification of this behavior, as this disaster was inevitable, it was going to happen somewhere sooner or later.  

We all come from the Oceans, our bodies still reflect the balance of the salts and minerals of the Oceans.  The Oceans have given us life, and are the sources of great richness and nutrition upon the Earth.  It is an interesting point that plants, such as seaweed from the ocean can actually help us to overcome radiation exposure.  Nonetheless we cannot lose sight of the fact that the Ocean came upon the Land, and lanced open this "boil, infection, abscess" which is now erupting.  And we know that the Ocean comes to destroy within the process of renewal but we do not know if we will be present for the renewal process that follows the destruction.  This Earth took billions of years in her evolution to be able to support life, and then millions more to be able to support this human experience which is so full of natural ache (blessings) which have been so abused, misused, and exploited.   In only the last 500 years so much destruction of our Mother has taken place that she is virtually unrecognizable.  The Earth herself cannot be destroyed but our human experience can.  We need to understand that this is an unforgivable crime that is taking place.  As spiritual beings having a human experience, there is a line that cannot be crossed, when you are activating and awakening an Ndoki that you have no knowledge and control of how to stop it.  That line has been crossed, irreversibly.  There is no return.

This disaster is also pointing to generations  of neglect of the Ancestors and Indigenous traditions.  We need to remember that these self-appointed authorities have been caught red handed in terms of stealing Spiritual Traditions (Stolen Legacy).  However they failed to understand the legacy they stole, and so it has lead to this.  Rather than honestly admitting that they have lost control, the hypocrisy and double-talk continues, as they seem suicidal in their obsession to continue the abusive behavior right up to the very end. The blood that they drink is the blood that will consume them.  The Medicine that they stole from our Indigenous Traditions will consume them.  They are masters of hiding but have run out of hiding places.    No one can hide from nuclear fall out.  

They have built their underground cities to hide in, forgetting that people cannot hide from the Sun.  People get sick, diseased and die when removed from the Sun.  We remember that the Taino in the  Myth had to leave out of the Cave to continue evolution.  There is no going back underground.  This is an extreme form of denial, and a tremendous waste of resources.

One foot stands in the house, the other in the grave.  This is a very serious situation that is at the threshold of life and death.  Choices are critical for us all, collectively and individually.  This is not a situation to be complacent and feel that one is okay because one is at a distance, for this is and will affect us globally.  Illness will, without a doubt, come from this, especially to those who are unprepared and already in a weakened state of mind, body and Spirit.   The weakened immune system is especially vulnerable.  Take precautionary measures to optimize ones health and immune system.  Do the research beyond the idiot box as to what are the best foods, minerals, and supplements to take for protection against radiation.  Above all else turn to Ancestors for strength, wisdom and protection, and for those of us who have Nkisi, it is time to strengthen our practices.  

Simbi Sambi
Uphold that which Holds You Up!


  1. "Nsambia before all things"

  2. Just rereading this again and thinking about my recent drive along the Columbia River. Every year when I drive by the big dam (1957) at The Dalles, even just to look at it you can see that it is so wrong! It feels like being grabbed around the neck. This year there was a re-production in Portland of a 2007 musical called "The Ghosts of Celilo" about this project which basically shattered the cultural life of the Celilo tribe, and I have just noticed that Maya Lin who designed the Vietnam memorial in D.C. is working with the tribe(s) and designing a series memorials that will go all along the Columbia. I will follow that!

  3. okay now I'm "unknown." Sigh. Technology confuses me.