Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spiritual Heat

An intense Spiritual Heat is enveloping us globally, expressing itself on multiple levels.  This year has seen an amplification of Earth Changes; tornadoes, increasingly violent storms, fires, droughts, the Earth cracking, sinkholes, earthquakes, and volcanoes.  The Sun himself is sending energies towards the Earth that are not understood by "science" and there are events occurring cosmically that are outside the "norm" or what is expected.  On human levels the increase in a behavior of desperate denial among some populations has reached a truly psychotic stage.  Meanwhile many voices globally from People and from the Spirit of Mother Earth herself continue to get louder urging not only AWARENESS but also ACTION.  

We have had several people mention (independently) to us how their experience of the Sun has intensified, how the Sun's rays are carrying an intensity not felt before, which does not have to do with the "temperature".  And we know that there are changes occurring within the Sun and that the Sun truly is the governor of our climates and ecosystems, and therefore our sustainability.  

As People of Tradition who not only have skills and tools of Divination but also skills and tools of Resolution (Solution Finding), we are well aware of the energies present in this yearly cycle, and are not surprised by the intensity, and neither are we expecting this intensity to pass so we can all "go back to normal", we are expecting this intensity to increase as the Earth herself, including all of us, goes through intense changes.  We understand that now in all this intensity is the time for us to turn to our Spiritual Practices even more strongly.   Within those practices we also know this is the time for us to amplify and focus our efforts at Reconciliation with Mother Earth and the returning to a Sane way of living upon her.  

One of the ways that we approach this Spiritual heat is to go to the Camino of Chola Wengue and refreshen ourselves in her waters.  This refreshens and vitalizes not only the body but more importantly, the Spirit, the Ancestral Frame, and the various subtle energies that are within our Spiritual-Physical-Body.
To truly appreciate these photos, they must be clicked on to enlarge, this way the various Spirits become more visible.  Something else becomes more visible as well...  There are many Paleros out there speaking about "patipemba" or "firmas" (depending on who is talking), emphasizing the need to understand the meaning of the various symbols, arrows, lines, and so on.  They do not all agree, except they do agree that each of them is the expert and knows "the real Palo" which they will teach you, for a price.  While some of the information being distributed out there is valid and useful, there is a narrow-mindedness that does not serve the Tradition.  We make this as a general statement and make no statement regards the specifics that anyone is teaching or not teaching.  As with all generalizations there are EXCEPTIONS.  As we look again into the Water Rapid created by River, Stone and Air, by forces of gravity and illuminated by the Sun, we come to realize that the Misterio of the River herself is making a patipemba or firma right within this rapid.  This is an ever changing patipemba that will be very different from moment to moment.  As we make our invocation to the River at this place, at this time, she is creating a unique Patipemba that is receiving and transmitting our invocation and her response to our invocation.  We are standing at the crossroads of life and death, just as we do every time we invoke the Misterio, however here we are able to see the Misterio's response to us.  
Understanding the Misterio's response to us is another matter.  While most Paleros are skilled and familiar with the use of the coconut shells or caracoles, or fire, ashes, and so on as systems of Divination, they are not (again as a general statement) so skilled at first recognizing and second deciphering the messages from Spirit that manifest in expressions of the Mpungos themselves.  This is a lost (?) or misplaced skill that we as Paleros or we as People of Rooted Tradition must regain (Remember Once Again!).  While we are more or less familiar and knowledgeable concerning the patipembas that we use for our Fundamento, Nganga, Nkisi and so on, we must also remember to always remain "Teachable", with the understanding that the greatest teachers are the Misterios themselves.  
We are a Munanso that strongly holds the principle that we are suffering, as Indigenous People, from a "Stolen Legacy", in which our traditional knowledge has been dispersed and co-opted by the so called "dominant" society or the "crusading" society.  In this moment in time where so much information is available to us, we have an unprecedented opportunity to retrieve our "Stolen Legacy" and connect the shattered wisdom through the wisdom of our Ancestors and our Traditional Root.  Only we can do this, for the "scientists and academics" are too narrow minded, too specialized, too compartmentalized, too much "experts" and too engrossed in the "crusading society's" pathological mindset, to be able to do it "for us".  We cannot turn an eye of denial to the historical facts of colonization and the devastating "work" of the missionaries among our People.  We cannot turn a blind eye to the stealing and perverting of our traditions in the past and in the present, and it is our responsibility to uncover and overcome those perversions that through colonization created the conditions that turned "us" into unconscious agents of the crusading societies pathological mentality.  All these energies are intertwined within this Spiritual Heat, and to adapt and find our way to still progress and evolve within this Spiritual Heat we must see beyond our narrow viewpoints and habits.

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