Monday, June 17, 2013

Flower Spiritual Baths

In the late spring the wild roses begin to flower here.  The wild roses are very different than the cultivated roses that are grown in gardens.  These wild roses climb up the trees, flow over the shrubs and along the ground.  They have simple white and yellow flowers which have a powerful aroma!  

As those Paleros and Bohitus know who have worked with the wild climbing roses, these are powerful plant spirits that can be used in a diversity of ways!  In this article we are discussing their use in spiritual baths, however we have many other ways we use this wonderful plant.  
The wild roses have a lot of thorns and inevitably in the harvesting process, various insects are also added to the bath, adding to the bath's magic and potency.  
We are blessed to have well water, which means that there is no chlorine or other "treatment chemicals or residues" in the water.  The water is very mineral rich and these minerals also become a spiritual component of the baths.
After we leave the bath over night, the essential oils of the roses is extracted and rises to the top of the bath.  Below in the photo you can clearly see this essential oil.  It is extremely aromatic!
Since this bath has thorns we use a Beech Tree Palo to mix it and pound the roses to release their essences into the water.
The bath rests outside day and night within the energies of the Witch Doctor's garden.  
We also do a mixed flower bath using all the flowers that grow here.  As any gardener knows, the flowers that grow naturally in the garden have abundant spirit, compared to the chemically grown green house flowers that wind up on the supermarket shelf.  Not only are these market flowers toxic and make the people growing them sick, but they also are spiritless and depleted and represent the exploitation of Mother Earth.

Flowers are that part of the plant that ensures its reproduction, in other words, ensures its future generations.  The flowers developed aroma to entice insects to pollenate them.  Flowers naturally uplift energy, and attract blessings.  They are about progression and the processes that bring about the "fruits" of life.  It is the flower that later turns into the seed or fruit of the plant!  
In this bath we use any flower we see growing.  The first one here is the peony, which is a popular Chinese medicine plant, with great spiritual value.  The peony is intensely fragrant and always has Ants on it!  Ants are tireless workers who know the value of community and cooperation.  

Lilac are also extremely fragrant spring flowers that become a dominant scent within the bath.
Irises come in multiple colors, these grow all around our Ceremonial Grounds.

Phlox, another spring time beauty!

This is a spiritual bath that children appreciate participating in, both in the process of gathering the flowers and making the bath, making the invocations, and taking the bath!  It is never too soon for the children to learn the Medicine and the Magic!  This strengthens them so that they are not entrapped by fantasies!
We use a quartz crystal in this bath here to further pull the cosmic energies into the bath!
In these temperate zones, we have a number of months of the year where the only spiritual baths we can make are from our indoor tropical plants, or from tree roots and bark or evergreens, or from herbs that we have dried and stored.  When the season of growth arrives, we strive to make and take numerous spiritual baths from the abundance that grows here since we know that all too soon, the frost comes and we are looking at the world of the leafless palos.  This way we stay in harmony with the seasons!

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