Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Herbal Wisdom from Future Bohitu and Ngangulera!

Our child Anani (9 years) loves to be in the garden.  Whilst Anani was in the womb, her mother was creating a garden, which Anani soon claimed as "her garden".  It was the first place where she began to learn the various plants and herbs.  Her learning continued, as she developed her own unique relationship with the plants.  As she grew, she brought her herbal wisdom and experimentation into the kitchen, creating wonderful and unusual drinks and meals.  

Through her ongoing Earthschooling, she studies various medicinal plants, making tinctures, teas, decoctions, salves, infused oils, honeys and vinegars.  

Here she shares some of the medicinal herbs growing in the front garden.  There are three parts.

(Note:  The person behind the camera and the "editor" is a amateur, excuse the shakes and awkward cuts).

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