Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taino-Kongo Lava Stone Ceremony - Part 2

As we continue with the Lava Stone Ceremony Process, the Lava Stones are placed in the Pit in the middle of the firma.  Ashes are also put in the Pite along with invocation, affirmation and additional ingredients which are relevant to the situation which is being addressed.  If appropriate photos are included in the ingredients and other items identifying the situation which is in need of Justice and Accountability.

The fire has been burning for a long time and has developed many coals.  The Spirit of every log placed in this fire further empowers this process, which is why in this process one may want to seek out very specific types of trees for the actual fire which are appropriate to the situation.

The Pit with the Lava Stones is covered with coals from the fire.  Along the lines of the firma, Fula is placed in preparation for the next step.

Another view of the hole with the coals, if you look closely, you can see the coals underneath are glowing red with heat.  This is a very hot energy and naturally must be approached with care.

A close up view of the pit with the Lava Stones now buried under a layer of coals.

A view of the firma from the perspective of the Pit, looking towards the Fire.  Note that every line on the Firma is covered with the Fula.

A view of the whole Firma from behind the Medicine.  There are many 7 Rayos stones used in this process, capturing the energy of the Lightning and bringing that to this process.

Both fire and Firma is visible in these two photos.  

Again the Pit with Stones and Coals

Again the Fire

From the Fire the Fula is lit and it advances explosively up to the Pit where it explodes!!!  (Note: No photo was taken of the actual lighting of the Fula and its explosion)

Many Misterios are visible in the Fula, and we are always attentive as to to energy and explosion of the Fula.  We look for the direction the smoke moves in.

More wood is added to the Fire, and this process continues for days and nights....

Amplifying the effects of the Ceremony.

The coals and Stones are so hot that it ignites any ingredient that are added to the Pit.  The Fula has also moved through the whole Firma right into the Pit to the Stones.

More wood is added and the heat is in two points, the Fire and the Pit.  

The Fire is maintained for 6-12 days and hot coals are moved from the fire to the Pit with additional ingredients and invocations on a regular basis.

To be continued...

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