Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Movements of the Mysterios

We spend a great amount of time looking at the different manifestations of the Mysterios that are "captured" through these photos.  We look for the various Spirits who show their faces and the vibration and movement of the energies of the Mysteries.  It is important for us to spend this time looking at this.  We have been able to enter a place in our lives with the Mysteries that we have the luxury to spend time understanding and "seeing" more and more.  We have moved on from bombarding these Mysteries with heavy cases and heavy loads to exploring more and more the Earthly and Cosmic Energies of the Mysteries, understanding the Essence of them more and more through the wisdom and knowledge that we have gained.

In the first set of photos here you can see Nsasi in front of his huge Thunderstone.  The Thunderstone is about 4 feet high, and is sunk about a foot deep into the ground.  As we have worked with this Stone it has brought a new dimension to the energy here.  It is very wonderful to be able to get this stone and to utilize it in this way.  We are very grateful that we have the space to be able to put it outside of Nsasi's Munanso and to be able to bring Nsasi out to it.

Note:  Click on photo to enlarge and then click again to further enlarge.  This enables you to see some things that you cannot see from afar.

More photos of Nsasi with his Thunderstone.

Here you can see the variety of plants that have been placed around the bejuco.  There are many bano plants among them, as well as other healing plants.  Most of them are sensitive to the cold and come indoors through the winter.  The photo reveals some of the energies of these plants and how much larger their energy fields are than their physical "bodies".

More photos of Nsasi with his Thunderstone from various angles and magnifications.  Again if you look closely you will see some interesting things.

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