Friday, July 9, 2010

Los Muertos

Inside Nsasi's Munanso!

The way the photo came out is very revealing concerning the sheer number of different Muertos that accompany Nsasi within his Munanso.  You can see the multiple faces, and somewhat of the energy or movement of the Muertos.  This is usually invisible to (most) naked eyes!  If there is no Vittiti Kongo, there is usually no seeing this.  This also allows the young ones, the youngest Children of the Munanso to also get an understanding of what they are standing in front of when they are in front of the Nkisis and Fundamentos.  In our Munanso, my youngest Child and any Granchildren visiting run in and out of the Munanso and the whole space surrounding it, which we call "Kongo Land" freely most of the time.

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