Monday, September 20, 2010

Kulusu Bilula Npanguila

Munanso Kulusu Bilula Npanguila (4 Viento Vira Mundo) has transformed yet again!   
Around the new porch with the transparent roof on it, we have constructed a dry stack wall which is a combination of local quartzite stone and our local boulders in this area which are a dusky turquoise color.  The combination of the two types of stones crafted into both a courtyard type area and a retaining wall, together with a set of steps, benches, and sitting areas has created a "mundo nuevo" for the Nkisis, Bilongos of the Munanso..  

Once the wall was constructed Nkisis found their way into the structure itself, and some of the carved stones made by the Taino-Babalao-Palero Ciba Jaguar have found their way into perfect locations within the wall.  

The wall has enabled us to have a relatively flat area in the porch of the Munanso which makes it easier to work with the Medicine.  It has also defined the space in a powerful way and brought much energy to the space!  While having a Munanso on a loma (hilltop) is sometimes challenging, it also allows us to create these types of terraces which brings a creativity and energy to the space that would not be possible, in this way, if it was flat.
This photos is a view from the door of the Munanso looking out.  You can see that the porch is now "enclosed" with this stone wall, many are standing stones.

The photos above and below show a view from one of the entry pathways coming into the Munanso clearing, the stones create a barrier that guides one to move right and come in the step entrance to the courtyard.  It is an energy of creating a boundary so that greater respect is given entering into the house of the Misterios!  

At the same time we embarked upon a massive clean up and reorganization of the Munanso, creating a space behind Nsasi's Munanso where there are cabinets and worktables for the Ngangulero, Tatas and Yayis to work.  It is also an area where we keep all the supplies.

Above and below are photos of views of the Munanso clearing two other entry paths.

And another view from what is going to become the kitchen eventually, in the distance you can see the Yayi's Munansos.

The central Tree is all cleaned up, this is a space that we utilize to bring any of the various Bilongos to work.  It can be accessed from 360 degrees and we have worked with the tree from all directions!

A view from a higher elevation looking down on the central Tree.
On the right photo above and the photo below you can see the pathway that goes along the wall that leads to the Yayis Munansos!  You can also see some of the Bano plants on the right.

Above there is a view into Anani's "Munanso"(this is her term for her space which she defends wholeheartedly!) and you can see stone benches created right into the wall which gives her places to sit or to place things on.   Above an Ancestral Baton is seated.

Carvings by the Taino-Babalao-Palero Artist and Poet Ciba Jaguar!

Above two horse skulls which sit on both entry posts in front of Nsasi's Munanso!

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