Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Jalapeno peppers are an important ingredient in Palo Medicines and  Materials.  They are used for chamba, to refreshen fundamento, and as offerings to Nsasi, and for other purposes.  We are fortunate to be able to grow our own Jalapeno which are grown totally organically, are grown with a consciousness and appreciation for their spiritual purposes and nutritional purposes, and are not shipped from a distant place but are grown right here in the same place as the Nkisis live.  For those who live in urban areas or have restricted access to land, Jalapeno peppers can be easily grown in a container on a sunny deck or porch, even on a roof top.  One plant alone is very prolific and fruits many peppers!  We have about 4 plants this year that are more than adequate for our needs.  They will continue fruiting right up to the first frost, and we will gather all jalapeno on the plant just prior to the frost and they will store very well in the fridge for further use.  Jalapeno can also be easily sliced up and frozen for year round use, if so desired.  
  As Paleros it is ideal to have your own hands and sweat involved in the cultivation and harvesting of important ingredients used within the Munanso!  For example this whole year we have not needed to order any plants from any Botanica because there are so many that we grow here now, including tropicals which come inside for the winter.  Below they are pictured outside in the Munanso Garden next to a large Bejuco (root).

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