Sunday, January 16, 2011

The fox

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We frequently see both red and grey foxes who live in abundance around the Land.  This particular beautiful red fox blends into the background of this weedy field.  Typically foxes will run off a little bit and turn back to stare at you, and repeat this a number of times.   They have a powerful ability to assess whether there is a real threat to them or not, and will not waste energy running away from a non-threatening situation.  They are wary of people but are also very bold, especially when there is a potential food source around, such as chickens. They are members of the dog family.   
In the snow we find their tracks, and their prints line up as they travel a single path with all four feet falling in exactly the same line.  They have acute hearing and can hunt through the snow.  In our Munanso we associate the fox with Lucero Mundo, and fox is a delicacy that the Misterio appreciates.  

Meanwhile over at the chicken house, we keep one of our dogs on guard to protect our free ranging hens.  When the fox goes on a chicken killing spree he will kill many more chickens than he needs and can easily destroy more than half the flock.  We have found that keeping the donkeys and llama close by combined with the dog keeps the foxes at a distance.  

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