Sunday, January 9, 2011

Plantas and Palos - Upcoming Publication

The Palero traditionally has an expertise in the identification and spiritual and medicinal properties of Plants and Trees.  The Plants (including trees) are used in Spiritual Baths and Remedies for ailments.  The Tree's Palos (sticks) are use in Medicine, Fundamento, Nkisi and for various travajos.  These are at the heart of the Munanso and the work of the Tata and Yayi Nkisi!

We are in the beginning stages of an intensive research into the Plants and Trees utilized by Paleros, in order to compile a comprehensive book that goes from the identification of plants and trees, the harvesting of them, the making of herbal remedies from them, their utilization in terms of the Munanso and Misterio, and finally a section on what temperate zone (zone 6/7) relatives of the tropical plants can be utilized by Paleros living in these zones (diaspora) and what tropical plants can be grown indoors and in small gardens and patio gardens by the urban, suburban and rural Palero living in the Mid-Atlantic Region or other comparable zone.  It will also include a section on Plantas that can be purchased from local supermarkets.  Finally we will also discuss composting the plantas of various Misterios to create soils that are unique for each Misterio that can then be used within the Munanso. 

We will be making this book available, either in print form and/ or e-book form upon its completion.  We also plan to make seeds and/ or plants available for those who wish to embark upon the journey of creating a Palero's Garden!

Traditionally (until very recently) a Palero's home was easily identified by the abundance of plants growing inside and on patios/ decks around the home.  It is time for the Concrete Jungle to give way to the Medicinal/ Spiritual Gardens which can be created anywhere and everywhere!

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