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A Palero's perspective on the 7 Deadly Sins

Below is an excerpt from a rough draft of a paper that I have been working on over the years.  It is concerning the seven deadly sins of the christian church, as well as the seven heavenly virtues.

We must be aware that this time of the year, specifically "good friday" is a time during which there is a large amount of negative "witchcraft" taking place, including within the christian tradition.  Many Paleros work with Ndoki during this time, and many practitioners develop lists of enemies who they throw witchcraft at.  We do not adopt this practice within our Munanso at this time, for reasons that are multiple.  However, I am going to share this article (below) to give insight into aspects of my thinking on this issue.  I am also going to follow this by another article that will question certain assumptions that have been made concerning the christian god and the so called jesus the christ.

Our Great Ancestor, the Great Cacique Hatuey, has brought us a clear message in the moments of his death.  The picture below shows him being burnt, and depicts the evilness of the consciousness of those men who with premeditation murdered him.  It also shows their barbarity in the documented practice that they inflicted upon our pregnant women when they invaded our Caribbean Home, in which they would slice open the women's wombs, remove the fetus and stomp on it.  

In the moments before Hatuey's death, he was asked if he wanted to be baptised so he could go to "heaven".  He asked them if they when they die, would also go to that "heaven".  When he heard them affirm that they would, he said that he preferred to go to their hell.  Hatuey has sent us a message over a time of 500 years that calls into profound question the christian definitions of "god", "savior", "heaven" and "hell", as well as what the ceremony of "baptism" is truly about.  In the article following this one, we will focus on the history and assumptions concerning these concepts or spirits or energies.  

Bear in mind that the excerpt is from a much longer paper that discusses the historical and spiritual roots of mental illness in this continent from an Indigenous-Afro-Caribbean perspective. 

Perhaps I will utilize this moment to remind my People, Indigenous People of this continent, and in particular, of the Caribbean, where my Ancestral bones have been from the beginning and to the point where the bandit psychopath serial killer Columbus and his mob brought their rage to my Grandmothers, my Grandfathers, my Caciques, and Medicine People, to cite that the rage that was brought by these brutal bandits affected the mental body of the Old Ones in Boriquen (misnumbered Puerto Rico), and throughout the Caribbean.  The point is that people who were experiencing for generations a healthy mental body found themselves resorting to the killing of their Children and they, themselves, committing suicide or drinking the poisonous herbs in order not to subject their Children to such brutality and hatred for Life and for the Creator of Life!  People, who were in love with Life, now resorting to the taking of their own lives, and using their medicines and Spiritual gifts to curse those Europeans who only understood Life through brutality and hatred for the Mothers and the Earth itself!  The Europeanamerican must realize that the malediction that they came with was amplified by the curses of the Good People, who were in this Continent, thriving and developing powerful Foundations that insured a conception of Creation and of the Creator of their Creation.  We, Indigenous People, must realize and recognize thoroughly that they have turned our Continent into a mental institution.  And we must further realize that the Spirit of the Ancestors is no longer silent, and will not be silent, because it is echoing its voices, its dreams, or its nightmares throughout Creation in awakening and drawing its Children back to the Sacred Fires of Our Yucayeques (Villages)!

As we continue, let’s take a look at the two fathers of the 7 Deadly Sins, Pope Gregory (I) the Great, and St. Thomas Aquinas, who are responsible for drafting and defining the Seven Deadly Sins.  Now, to the Indigenous People of this Continent, it is important that we analyze these 7 Deadly Sins as outlined by these two psychopaths, because these deadly sins have been engraved within our mental body and our capacity to accurately utilize our common sense within our development in the experience.  These sins, in our cultures, were not our everyday concern and engrossment, so let’s explore. 

Concerning Pope Gregory I (the Great), he forbade the opening of schools, and made the papacy into the richest landowner and slaveowner in Europe by persuading the wealthy to hand over their property to the 
Church since the end of the world was at hand.  He wrote in Be Friends of God:
“If we knew at what time we were to depart from this world, we would be able to select a season for pleasure and another for repentance.  But God, who has promised pardon to every repentant sinner, has not promised us tomorrow.  Therefore we must always dread the final day, which we can never foresee.  This very day is a day of truce, a day for conversion.  And yet we refuse to cry over the evil we have done!  Not only do we not weep for the sins we have committed, we even add to them…  
“If we are, in fact, now occupied in good deeds, we should not attribute the strength with which we are doing them to ourselves.  We must not count on ourselves, because even if we know what kind of person we are today, we do not know what we will be tomorrow.  Nobody must rejoice in the security of their own good deeds.  As long as we are still experiencing the uncertainties of this life, we do not know what end may follow… we must not trust in our own virtues.”

What deranged consciousness continues to creep up in the pages of his-story!  We continue to witness undeniable facts concerning the mentality and the thinking of these people in Europe, and there is no doubt that we witness this same mentality and thinking in the USA.  It is so obvious that their mission is to keep people Spiritually bankrupt and in obedience, fear of the Creator, of Life, so that we may not recognize the god that they are truly speaking about, which is a god of evil, fear and brimstone!  It is so contrary to the words of the Prince of Peace, Imhotep, who said, “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we shall die.”  It is clear, through their own writings and thinking, that these people are plagued with an insanity that has perverted the Creation in which we are having our experience, and we are accepting this behavior as normal and healthy and rewarding within the experience of Life. 

Furthermore, with Gregory I, the ascetic psychopath, continuing into the mentality behind his 7 deadly sins, we take a look at the practices of Roman Childrearing during his life. Severe child abuse was considered normal at the time.  Fathers had the power of life and death over their entire family.  The Roman patriarch was unpredictable, harsh and punishing.  Gregory, through his writings, clearly had a typical Roman childhood of cruel and irrational abuse.  As he grew older he turned to extreme asceticism, fasting to the point of ruining his digestive system permanently and undergoing self-inflicted sufferings and harshness in order to avoid the much greater and eternal punishment that he was convinced awaited humanity in the “hereafter.”  In an article entitled “God the Father and Gregory the Great:  The Discovery of a Late Roman Childhood.” by Carl A. Mounteer he writes:
“Also Gregory’s writings are filled with the notion of the unpredictability of God’s punishment.  Even though one’s conscience must be probed for sin ‘as teeth tearing the flesh,’ one can never know if one has punished oneself enough because one can never know the extent of one’s sins.  Gregory frequently expressed his fear that, because of God’s unknown and unpredictable severity, man could never know if he inflicted enough suffering upon himself to propitiate God.  Therefore one can never perform too much penance because excess penance counts as merit.  But if one does not engage in enough self-punishment, one’s soul could be damned.  Thus he praises as ideal penitents those who are ‘guilty of no sin, and yet they afflict themselves fiercely as though every sin oppressed them.’  For those who did not succeed in imposing enough self-punishment in this life Gregory prepared the definitive medieval version of Hell as a bottomless chasm of fire for the eternal physical and psychological torment of the wicked.  The scholastic theologians of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries would adopt Gregory’s description in its unabridged entirety.  From these thinkers, particularly Thomas Aquinas, this portrayal of the damned found its way into Dante’s Divine Comedy.”

Gregory portrayed God as more malignant than any previous Christian or Jew had. 

We continue to probe into the consciousness that has destroyed billions of lives, through the black book, the sword and the European brutality that has been inflicted upon this Sacred Continent, not excluding Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and so on.  We cannot avoid recognizing a mental illness, not just a mental illness, but an extremely advanced case of mental illness, among this mentality of Europeans and Europeanamericans!  Here we can see how they have inflicted this godly punishment upon us all, and through menticize we are freely participating in this drama of psychopathic behavior which is bred and thrived upon by the Europeans of the time and in the times!  Concerning Thomas Aquinas, we inform the reader that he became engrossed in the teachings and practices of Pope Gregory I, and was a descendent of the Lombard kings, who were very brutal; in other words, psychopaths.  So we encourage you to look him up for further acquaintance with his activities and mentality, because he fortified and glorified the Seven Deadly Sins.  The writer of this paper is saying, from a Spiritual perspective, that Gregory and Thomas and their fraternities were aware of, or responsible for, awakening and unleashing the demons behind the Seven Deadly Sins.  Pope Gregory I says outright that the devil works for God!  So these men we must look at so that they do not play hide-and-go-seek with us in the present.  And as Indigenous People within Turtle Island, South, Central and the Caribbean, we must return back to our consciousness to realize that these demons have have infiltrated our consciousness, our traditions, our cultures, and our practices!  We must look carefully at these so called seven deadly sins because these are the imposters that are invading our intelligence, our common sense, and our ability to unshackle ourselves from this modern slavery that threatens our coexistence and the coexistence of our future children within the spiritual entity.  And the Europeanamerican, we say to you, listen up and look back at your past which you conveniently want to forget, because of your comfort within this sacred continent, that is not rooted in your essence or your ancestral bones, so that you may find the courage to overcome the malediction that has been plaguing you for centuries, not excluding the mental illness that is haunting you each moment of your life! 

Concerning the seven deadly sins, Carol and Dinah Mack in their book A field guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits state that the seven deadly sins “... are one of the most virulent and chronic of the possession species that roost within the Psyche.  They are seen as tendencies, temptations, passions - all interconnected strands of the fabric of the human condition, the stuff of exaggerated cravings that cause mortal suffering (251).”  

As we examine the detriments of the indoctrination into the psyche of the people/Indigenous People of Turtle Island, South, Central and the Caribbean, we are able to understand the crippling and the denial that is taking place by a small minority upon an astronomical majority who is suffering the effects of these European demons inside of their psyche.  And, it is through this psychological attack of these demons that the European has been able to dis-empower and affect the mental body of the Indigenous People of this Sacred Continent to the degree that the suffocation is occurring in the here and now.  But, we must understand that before the psychological infiltration of our Mental Body occurred, there was an undeniable physical brutality, and a physical feeding of the Ancestors to these demons had occurred.  In other words, they, meaning the Europeans, had to first allow these demons to ingest the physical bodies of our Ancestors in order to direct these demons to the psychological dismantling of our Sacred Hoop and our Healthy Mental Body, that would eventually dismantle our Spiritual Foundation of the Evolution and Integrity for All Life!  So we must realize that through the brutality, the murder, they were able to digest the Essence of the Ancestors who were being sacrificed to these demons for the benefit of colonizing the whole continent and the establishing of a Europe outside of Europe; this we must understand.  We must be able to understand that the Ancestors of this Sacred Continent were forced to deal with barbarianism at the hands of the Europeans, to the extreme of barbarianism.  We are people who were rooted in Spiritual Development and who understood the Spiritual Entity with reverence, dignity and respect, and we knew how to use the Medicine for the benefit of the Whole.  And we must return to that memory of utilizing the Medicine for the Whole, because if you open your eyes, you will see that the Medicine of the Ancestors is being used against its descendents, the Indigenous People of Turtle Island, South, Central and the Caribbean, not excluding Africa, and the likes.  We must remember that Hatuey went to speak to all of the People, that Sequoia went to speak to all of the People, and that Imhotep was concerned with all of the People as well.

The Seven Deadly Sins are:

As Indigenous People, we must travel into the depths of our mental body, so that we may uncover and discover that these are European virtues, white male supremacist pets, and each of their pets have a name: Pride- Lucifer, Greed- Mammon, Lust-Asmodeus, Envy-Leviathan, Gluttony- Beelzebub, Anger- Satan, Sloth- Belphegor.  And you are encouraged to dig out the roots of their pets and continue to explore the mentality of the masters of these pets, so that you can clearly understand that these European virtues, which have become our curse, have nothing to do with our Culture, Traditions, and Practices!  The only thing they have to do with us today is the shutting down of the vital principle of awakening the pineal gland in our development in order to disconnect us from our Ancestral Roots and from the totality of the Creation and the Creator of Life.  Women, Men, and Children of the Spirit of this Sacred Spiritual Entity, we must realize, all together, that these European virtues have infiltrated the vast majority of the Lovers of Life.  And we are able to see the manifestation of these demons in the reflection of our mirrors, and we must shatter these mirrors, these reflections, and return to the reflection of the mirror of the River who did not betray our reflection, when we were Healthy and Vibrant inside of the Spiritual Entity, known as Life!  And for you, Europeanamericans, Mothers and Fathers, who are seeking a holistic treatment for the mental illness that is plaguing and haunting your children, you must understand that these so called deadly sins, that were shoved down the throats of my Indigenous People, are the very root of your malediction and the mental illness that you are looking to deliver your children from.  In order to treat the mental illness of your children, you must understand the root of that mental illness in the first place, as we have been stating through this paper.  Let’s remember that these seven deadly sins are the seven principle demons that the white male supremacist of Europe and the USA have been working with for centuries, and who have dismantled countless Cultures, Traditions and Practices through these principle demons of evil destruction.  And furthermore let’s raise a brow to the fact that Greed, Envy, Pride and Anger are the four demon generals that they set loose when they go to fight wars and declare wars against innocent children, women and men! 

It will be helpful to us to analyze the seven deadly sins, which are connected to the psychopaths and the breeders of a mental illness within this continent.  We must allow ourselves to analyze these things, or these seven words, because perhaps there is a healthy utilization of these words, but in realizing that they have been demonized, we must allow ourselves to break and dismantle the spell of these sins, that are tools of the colonizers and bloodsuckers of Life, and who are the graduates of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.  These sins, or pets, of the Europeans gave justification to burn people alive or split them in half with their swords, or just dismantle bodies, part by part, because, according to them, they were dealing with heathens, savages, beasts.  And I inform you, Europeanamericans, that the People that these sins gave justification to be torn apart, were far, exceedingly far, from being savages and beasts.  For these People were highly developed Spiritually, Morally, Ethically and were rooted in a profound Love for their Children, their Wives, their Mothers, and Grandmothers, and their Elders, and had dignity and an astronomical respect for the Natural Environment, which they understood was a Spiritual Entity within the Totality of the Whole of Creation, and who respected and lived by the principle of guarding the Sacred Hoop of Life for the Continuation of Life!  So once again, to the Indigenous People of this continent, not excluding the African, it is time, and it has been time, for us to analyze the mental illness that has plagued us through the process of indoctrination and colonization of our Natural Essence to coexist within this Creation, as Co-Creators of our Evolution!  

So for a moment, or so, let’s look at the seven heavenly virtues.

Humility------------- Pride (Lucifer)---------- Jupiter (Zadkiel)
Sufficiency --------- Greed (Mammon) ----------- Sun (Raphael)
Chastity ------------ Lust (Asmodeus) ---------- Venus (Aniel)
Charity ------------- Envy (Leviathan) --------- Moon (Gabriel)
Sobriety ------------ Gluttony (Beelzebub)  --- Mercury (Michael)
Patience ------------ Anger (Satan) -----------  Mars (Sammael)
Diligence ----------- Sloth (Belphegor) -------  Saturn (Kafziel)

To begin with, we must realize that these heavenly virtues are the dungeons of colonization within this continent, extending globally, and in this realization we must thoroughly be willing to analyze these virtues.  And when we do so, we may uncover Ancient Deities of African Origin or of Mayan, Inca Origins and so on, who have been perverted and dismantled by these psychopaths and dismantlers of Sacred Cultures, Traditions and Practices of Peoples who have profound understandings of the Spiritual Entity, the Creator, and of Life.  In our wakefulness, we are able to decipher the tricknology that has been used to subjugate our minds and to allow us, willingly, to allow the Ancestors to remain in their dungeons of forgetfulness and dreadfulness and utter desperation.  We must not be fearful of uncovering, and unlocking, the doors of the dungeons in which they have imprisoned the Ancestral Spirit, and imprisoned our minds, amd which allowed us to be abusive to ourselves, our Women, our Children, and our Elders.  Let’s remember that the truth stares us eyeball to eyeball each day that Grandfather Sun rises in the East and settles in the West.  We must see the scheme that these heavenly virtues and deadly sins have poisoned our minds and have replaced our Ancestral shrines with Michelangelo’s cousin as the blue-eyed, blonde headed jesus the christ!  In these heavenly virtues and deadly sins we must be dubious concerning Gregory the (so called) Great and Thomas Aquinas, because as we trace the facts of their lives, there is no doubt that we are uncovering psychopaths, maniacs, fanatics and definitely a personality disorder, which is common within Europe at the time that these things were written by these two men, at different periods.  When we look at the atrocities that these maniacs have engaged within their own continent, we must withdraw our admiration for these maniacs, and their heaven, because we cannot decipher if their heaven is more evil than their hell, or vice a versa.  Because when we honestly analyze the facts, their heaven is hell and their hell traps you into their heaven, which leads you back to the same dungeon and to the same insane asylum, which they are the masters of!  We must remember, Indigenous People of this continent, not excluding the African, that our Ancestors knew the Afterlife, and how to return to the Afterlife with respect, dignity and reverence for the Lives that would remain in the physical experience (body).  They knew the Ceremonial Practice of the Dead, or if you like of the Departed, they knew the Ceremonial Practices of the Living within the Spiritual Entity, and we must return to our Ancestral Practices that can Liberate us, and allow us to surmount the courage that was evident in our Cultures, our Traditions, and our Practices!  We cannot continue to allow ourselves to be hired assassins for this brutal mentality of white male supremacy, wars of suffocation and deprivation of the dignity of Life with our Brothers and Sisters around the Globe.  We must be willing to dismantle their mental indoctrination of our minds, which pervades this whole continent.  It is the only way to address this mental illness that is plaguing us, and we must remember that for the psychopaths it is just another day!  We must realize that for the small minority of Europeanamericans who are seeking a holistic treatment for their Children and who are perhaps attempting to have a voice against these atrocities that are occurring globally, or for those Europeanamericans who are weighing their comfort in one hand against the lives of People which are being lost for that comfort, you must begin to understand that for you the task will be greater, because the only heaven you have known throughout the centuries has been the one laid out by your Ancestors who brought the destruction upon this continent, not excluding Africa and the Globe.  And we stand firm in our statement that the heaven that you know is actually the hell that you live each day of your life!  And I remind you in this paper that these statements are not coming from a term that is commonly used by you Americans, Europeanamericans that is: “reverse racism”!  These statements are coming from historical facts and from the Spirit of the Ancestral Body of the Sacred Hoop of Life that has been dismantled within this Sacred Continent, and this is a fact!  And it is a fact that the Indigenous People of this Continent, not excluding Africa, have been placed, through your brutality, in an insane asylum dictated by your supreme psychopaths.  We have in the living flesh been placed in the purgatory of your hell, and this is a Fact!  Because, these heavenly virtues and deadly sins are in fact a purgatory and your definition of purgatory is what this continent finds itself within.  We are, in fact, tracing mental illness and the more we trace it, the more we find it in Europe and the Europe that was established in this continent!

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